A Welcome Guest

I love the challenges of organic gardening so I’m thrilled when I get a little help from garden guests. I went out to check on the home garden this morning during a break in the rain and I found a good sized toad hanging out under leaves of our carrots. When we started this garden after moving in to this house several years ago, finding a toad was a rare occasion. The toads we did find here weren’t much bigger than my thumb. As the years have passed, finding toads around the garden became more common but the size of these toads didn’t really increase that much.

The toad I found this morning was bigger than any I’ve seen here before; he was almost as big as the palm of my hand. Having these toads in the garden is a huge benifit to our plants and finding one this big is a tremendous thrill, in a geeky kind of way, for me. To get this big, I know this one has been eating plenty of pest insects which means I have less work to do managing pests in our garden. I have no idea where this toad has been hinding but I certainly hope he sticks around!

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