Now That’s Ironic

Our neighbors, who have stopped by to pay us a couple of “friendly” visits about our allegedly draining water into their yard when we flush our pool’s sand filter (never mind we have a cartridge filter that we can’t back flush and the drain valve for the pool connects directly to our sewer line), are watering their yard. What’s the irony? In the amount of time they have been running their sprinkler, they have used between 900 and 2,700 gallons of water (more than 3 hours at anywhere from 5 to 15 gallons per minute). The pool pipe I broke a couple of weeks ago sent less than 3,000 gallons of water through our back yard into theirs; I simply saved them the trouble of having to water their grass that day. What about the chlorine in the water? The consensus amongs lawn experts I have either talked to or have documentation from tell me that the amount of chlorine in pool water is not sufficient to harm the grass and may even be benificial by killing off harmful bacteria and insects. I also keep the chlorine level in our pool so low, between 1ppm and 2ppm, that it just keeps the algae and cloudiness under control. Should I point out that there is chlorine and fluoride in tap water, the same water they are using to water their lawn? According to the 2010 Water Quality  Report provided by MLGW, the chlorine in tap water in Memphis averages 2.2ppm which is slightly above the levels present in our pool water.

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