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Now That’s Ironic

Our neighbors, who have stopped by to pay us a couple of “friendly” visits about our allegedly draining water into their yard when we flush our pool’s sand filter (never mind we have a cartridge filter that we can’t back flush and the … Continue reading

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The Neighbors

If you read my post from Sunday, you’ll know that I broke one of our pool supply lines and had to drain about twelve inches of water from the pool so I could repair the pipe. I fixed the pipe Monday afternoon … Continue reading

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Back To Gardening

With the pool plumbing repaired and the PVC cement curing, I thought it was time I got back to gardening. Since I didn’t have enough time to setup another trellis for the cucumbers, I gave all the vegetables a once-over … Continue reading

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Not What I Had Planned

Today did not go according to my plan at all. The day started out like any other Sunday does for us – I got up when I woke up instead of letting my alarm clock dictate when I should get … Continue reading

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