National Bike Ride for the Family – Day Three

The third and last day was as perfect as the first two days of the ride; at least the weather was. This day presented us with some very challenging hills. The riders took on the challenge though, and climbed each hill without hesitation. Climbing the hills was hard work, but the view along the way, and the ride down the other side, made the climb well worth the effort. One of the riders reached a speed of 43 miles per hour just before entering a hairpin turn.

Lunch was a welcome break and gave the riders a change to rest after climbing some of the steepest hills of the route. During lunch, a television crew from Hot Springs joined us to interview some of the riders and to get some footage of our group riding. Lunch was over fairly quickly and the riders took to the hills again.

The closer we got to Hot Springs, the easier the hills became. By mid-afternoon we were entering the outskirts of Hot Springs. It took us about an hour to ride through town and gather at the final SAG (Service and Gear) stop. We then rode on the the finish line as a group.

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